Scentsy Warmers make you Happy, Happy, Happy!

Look at these great new Premium Scentsy Warmers. This new line of Warmers will make you “happy, happy, happy,” and “that’s a fact, Jack!”Whether it’s hunting, or fishing, or just celebrating the great outdoors, these new warmers will do the job.

Mossy Oak Breakout warmerWith a focus on outdoors, this new line includes the new Mossy Oak, Break-Up Scentsy Warmer. It is a licensed camouflage warmer that will blend right into any man cave.  Mossy Oak, Break-Up features a pattern of interwoven leaves, acorns, and branches.  And the Mission Oak Scentsy Warmer features a photo-realistic wood grain. Like its “brother” the Mossy Oak, Break-Up Warmer also is made using a novel lamination process.  The process transfers a particular pattern onto the warmer and results in a very realistic 3D image. Both of these Scentsy Warmers are designated a “Glow” finish, which means they actually glow when the warmer is turned on.Scentsy Mission Oak Warmer

In keeping with the same love of the outdoors, the Angler Scentsy Warmer features the art of fishing and is made of a reactive Glaze finish. The Yukon is a beautiful rustic scene and is also a glow finish Scentsy Warmer.  You might also like the Urban Earth warmer that has a ruggedly textured exterior, mimicking an old hunk of timber. It has a matte pewter finish that mixes well with the ridges to achieve a very natural yet urban look.

With great new additions like these to the Scentsy Warmer family, the Robertson’s won’t be the only ones that are happy, happy, happy!  Add one of them to your collection today.