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Spring/Summer 2015

2015 Spring Summer catalogs

Edison Bulb Warmers? Bali (Buddha) Warmers? Tiger’s Eye Warmers? Party Warmers? Even Hardwood Warmers?

Yep, you heard right. Those are all new Scentsy Warmers from the 2015 Spring Summer Catalog. Along with some of these fabulous new Scentsy Spring Collection warmers, there are many new returning favorites like Mossy Oak Break-Up, Chasing Fireflies (Mason Jar), and Zen Rock.

The Spring Summer 2015 Scentsy Catalog also introduces the 2015 ScenTrend, Coconut Milk. Combined with several other fragrances, this new scent will add an extra touch of the exotic to any day.

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Scentsy Fragrance New Releases take you all over the world. Whether you are looking for a relaxing Japanese Garden or an exotic tropical island beach, there’s a scent to take you there. There’s even Mystic Magnolia with all its charm to help you escape to a southern landscape.


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