Scentsy Catalog – Spring/Summer 2014

The Scentsy 2014 Spring/Summer Catalog

scentsy catalog spring summer 2014Twice each year Scentsy releases a new catalog introducing new products in all categories and brings back many of the old favorites. See the new Spring/Summer 2014 Catalog now. Download your own copy here. These great new Scentsy products will all be for sale beginning March 1, 2014. Take this chance to get a sneak preview of the new additions.

This catalog celebrates Scentsy’s 10th Anniversary. The 2014 Spring/Summer Catalog is full of new and exciting products like the Shadow Collection Warmers and the new Rustic Bloom Warmer. Celebrating 10 years of Scentsy with the new catalog is Cluck the Chicken and Clover the Cow, along with some of their older Scentsy Buddies.

Don’t miss the many new Scentsy Fragrances like Scentsy Man’s Atlas Cedar and Spring & Summer’s Aussie Plum. And what about the interesting new Scentsy fragrance Tomato Vine!

Check out page 19 of the Spring/Summer Catalog and see Scentsy’s Charitable Cause Buddy. Also meet Roosevelt the Rabbit who will help raise money for the March of Dimes this season.

Last season Scentsy introduced the new Element Warmers which were a big hit. This season, they added to that collection with the Zen Rock, inspired by spa rocks and which you will find on page 32.
Download the Scentsy Spring/Summer Catalog and start making your wish list today. Come back after March 1st and place your order!

Download the 2014 Scentsy Spring/Summer Catalog

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Fall/Winter 2013

Scentsy Catalog Fall/Winter 2013
Scentsy Catalog download

Download your copy of the Fall/Winter 2013 Scentsy Catalog. The new Scentsy products will be available for purchase on September 1st so get ready! There are some really great products for this season that I think you will really like.Pages 6-7 of the Scentsy Fall/Winter 2013 catalog

One of the products to be sure to take a look at is the Lampshade Collection of warmers – beautiful hand-blown glass vases resting on classy antique bases. These are truly beautiful warmers. The Lampshade Collection can be found on page 6 of the Fall/Winter 2013 catalog.

Another really neat item solves a problem for those who want a Scentsy warmer without a light. On page 32-33 you’ll find the new Scentsy Element Warmers which use a heating element instead of a light bulb to melt the scented wax. No more light – just warmed wax.Scentsy Element Warmers shown starting on page 32 of thr Fall/Winter 2013 catalog

Scentsy Buddy Forest Collection found on pages 38-39 of the Scentsy Fall/Winter 2013 catalogYou will also find Scentsy Buddies with the new limited-edition Forest Collection. Six new sweet-smelling snuggly critters an be found in the Fall/Winter 2013 Scentsy catalog. So if the little one needs a new cuddly friend, be sure not to miss these. You’ll find the Forest Collection on pages 38-39.

Fall and Winter fragrances found on page 44 of the Scentsy Fall/Winter catalog

As for fragrances, it’ll soon be time for those heart warming Fall and Winter scents like cinnamon, apples, and ginger, and clove. These Scentsy scents just seem to make your home feel cozier that time of year. And as always, Scentsy has many to choose from so you can pick that perfect combination of fragrances that hit home and spark warm memories of the past. Fall and Winter fragrances can be found starting on page 44.

Thanks for letting me share with you a few highlights of what you’ll find in this season’s Scentsy catalog. Here you can get a copy of the new 2013 Scentsy Fall/Winter Catalog. If you’re have any trouble downloading a copy, you can email me with your mailing address and I will be happy to send you a copy. Don’t miss all great new items in this season’s catalog! Get it now.

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